Photos of Regular Lifestyles in Egypt (19 Pics)

It will always be interesting to see the lives of men and women in other countries, cities or villages. For that, the time and money are never enough for us.
As a result, I propose to show a collection of interesting photographs of day to day life in Egypt. Certainly not about resorts, luxury hotels or attractions.
this is life and work of ordinary Egyptians. Almost all of the images were taken in May-July 2016 by different photographers.
lonely man in night bazaar in egypt

people of egypt runnig to mosque

beatiful small road in egypt

uncommon transportation of cows in egypt

dry cleaning place in egypt

egypt women working hard on peddy

cows are transporting by lorry in egypt

colorful night street in egypt

men and women planning on factory in egypt

amazing night time street view of egypt town

famous statue in egypt

rare photo from church in egypt

colorful flags on street of Egypt town

men selling dollar bill purse on street of egypt

slam dog life in egypt

beautifully decorated horse cart in egypt

man walking alone in small street in egypt

farmers of Egypt county

Egypt women's on street