The world’s first watch with a TV 1982

Already clock TV no surprise, but in the early 80’s it was something completely unimaginable. Nevertheless, the company Seiko managed to embody this idea in life and create the world’s first watch with a TV.

Due to the low image quality Seiko watch and not widespread.

On one set of batteries could watch TV 5 hours. The receiver allows you to catch from 2 to 83-channel, in addition he had a FM-radio. The watch had a stopwatch and alarm clock.

With dimensions 40h49h10 mm watches were made ​​of stainless steel and with battery size coin type SR920W weighed 80 grams. They connected the receiver weighing 190 grams, is powered by two AA batteries. There was also a poor speaker and headphone jack.

Developing the world’s first watch with 1,2-inch LCD-screen cost of 100 million yen. Watches sold only in Tokyo and Osaka. Model DXA001 cost 108,000 yen, later appeared DXA002 model for 98,000 yen (at the exchange rate at that time is about 500 – 600 euros). Later, you can buy a watch it was already all over Japan.